Downtown LA Pick-up & Drop-off at Loomis

Thanks for walking the distance with DHF To Go. We look forward to offering our high quality DHF Mill Products. Our great sheet, wire, casting grain and precious metal refining services have thrilled and delighted jewelry makers for over 40 years.

Loomis: Hours & Location

550 S. Hill Street Suite # 1214 (between 5th and 6th)

HOURS:  8am to 5pm

Google Map of 550 Hill St, Los Angeles, CA

How it Works

Setup an Account with Us

Just fill out these three forms:

Acceptable Payments

  • Prepay by bank wire
  • Prepay by credit card
  • Cashier’s check: $1,000 maximum, with pre-pickup verification – scan and email: Alice@dhfco.com or Fax copy: 323-722-6567
  • No Cash or Credit cards at the Loomis Window

Pick-up DHF Mill Products

  • Step 1: Place your $75 minimum order via phone or email
  • Step 2: When order is ready DHFCo will notify you of price and delivery day
  • Step 3: Purchase as noted (Acceptable Payments) above
  • Step 4: Pick-up your order at the Loomis Window

Drop-off Scrap or Filings for DHF Express Refining

  • Step 1: Place items for refining in secure cans or containers then place inside box
  • Step 2: Include instructions and contact information inside of the container or sealed box
  • Step 3: Double check that containers and packing slips are secure
  • Step 4: Drop-off the sealed package at Loomis

Note: Loomis cannot accept sweeps or polishings as this requires an EPA number. Call DHFCo for processing your sweeps and polishings - 323-722-9992.

RMA (Returned Material Authorization) For Returns and Exchanges

Received a DHF Product you can’t use? We will take it back and exchange it for something you will really love.

  • Step 1: Call 323-722-9992; ask for the order desk and receive your exclusive RA Number
  • Step 2: Include RA number with the material and a copy of the invoice for credit drop-off at Loomis or send by mail
  • Step 3: Drop-off material and paperwork in sealed container at Loomis or send by mail