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All gauges from 6-30 available as stock items.  Odd gauges available on a custom basis at additional charge.   Gold and Platinum sheet size is 4" wide and any length up to 12" long.  Silver sheet size is 6" wide and any length up to 36" long.   Widths can be as narrow as 7mm.  DHF Co will cut to size.  Approx. weight per square inch in dwts for gold and platinum.  Approx weight per square inch in Troy ounces for Silver.

14K Palladium White Sheet Size (Thickness) - 25

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Product Details
14K Palladium White: Looks like Platinum – very soft – good for pavé – no nickel
Melting Solidus 2296 °F
Flow Point Liquidus 2395 °F
Flask Temperature 1050-1150 °F
Additional discount applies for sheet and wire if order contains different gauges of the same color and karat. Discount will be taken on final weight on day of completion.