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An alloy of metal with a low melting point intended to join surfaces of metals.   Recommended for fabrication, sizing and repair.  Available in Plumb Solders in Sheet and paste, Gold Repair Solders, Silver Solders: Sheet, wire, paste; Platinum Solder, Plumb Platinum solder, Paste Solders.   Ask for easy, medium or hard in most.

Paste Solder

Works especially well for manufacturing chains. It is supplied in a syringe of various Karats and flow temperatures. Paste solders contain flux and binders. Available in 1 dwt. and 15 dwt. syringes.
Plumb Karat     |     Repair

Sheet Solder

This form of solder is supplied in various lengths and widths. Simply cut off the desired amount from the sheet, heat the area to be soldered, heat the solder into a ball, place on the area to be joined, and heat to flow the solder into the joint Minimum 1 dwt. order.
Plumb Karat     |     Repair

Wire Solder

Place the end of the wire in the joint to be soldered and heat. The solder will melt and flow into the joint. Sold as 20 gauge Round. Minimum 1 dwt. order.
Plumb Karat     |     Repair
    This product contains Cadmium, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects (or other reproductive harm). Avoid creating dust. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. Do not take internally. Do not breathe fumes or dust, which can cause cancer, birth defects (or other reproductive harm), as well as lung and kidney disease. Fumes or dust may also be poisonous and irritate your eyes, nose and throat. Use only with adequate ventilation, such as fume collectors, exhaust ventilators or air supplied respirators. See ANSI-Z49.‡ If chest pain, cough or fever develops after use, immediately call a physician. Keep away from children.


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