Settlement Options

DHF Check

We can issue a check for you to pick up at one of our offices or we can ship it for FREE using the U.S. Postal Service.

DHF Product Exchange

The product exchange offers you the least expensive way to obtain a wide variety of Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium materials. For a nominal fee we can return products like casting grain, sheet, wire and solder.

DHF Vault Account

A vault account is an excellent way to take advantage of increases in metal prices, receive DHF Product at a later date, or reduce the balance on your terms account. It is very comparable to a bank account. When the fine metal content of your material has been determined less our charges, the amount is deposited in ounces to an account for you to draw upon when you need it.

Credit Account

You can use this settlement option to pay down the balance of your existing terms account or pay for the dollar value of an order.

Wire Transfer

If you prefer to have the money delivered the same day of settlement we can wire transfer it to your account after we’ve determined the settlement value.


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