Over 40 Years of Honest Refining Returns

David H. Fell & Company understands that the trust and confidence a pawnbroker places in it’s refining services remains in the balance with every package that comes through the door. Since 1973 DHF Co. has never forgotten the importance honesty plays in the hearts and minds of our pawn customers and the industry.

Experienced Refining Team

Experience is everything. When it comes to knowing how to return the most metal back to the pawnbroker, the DHF refining team has a wealth of experience. The DHF Refining team has processed millions of ounces and has a combined 120 years of experience refining precious metals. Amazingly, the average tenure for a DHF refining team member is around 20 years.

Assay Services

DHF’s advanced laboratory is capable of assaying the fine content of any precious metal bearing material down to the parts per billion. You can feel confident that your lot will be successfully analyzed to return the maximum amount of payable gold, silver, platinum or palladium it contains. For more information about our Analysis Methods click here.

Gemstone Soaks

Removing precious stones from jewelry can be a tedious and sometimes expensive task for pawnbrokers. DHF Gemstone Soaks provide an alternative (it is destructive) solution… technology. After recovering the precious metal from solution, your stones are safely returned to you and settlement funds made available.

Variety of Settlement Options

In addition to honest and efficient refining services, pawnbrokers have access to a substantial list of settlement options from DHF&Co to match their needs. When you trust DHF&Co. to refine your metal, our Express service means your settlement funds can be made available in as little as two days from the time we receive your lot. Read more about our settlement options here.