Jewelry Designers

Jewelry Designers

Diverse Selection of Metal

DHF understands that jewelry manufacturers require access to an assortment of top quality metals in a variety of forms. We provide a vast spectrum of karats, colors, and sizes to fill those needs and to meet or surpass industry standards.

  • 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, Fine Gold
  • Yellow, White, Green, Red
  • Deoxidizers & Grain Refiners
  • Sterling and Fine Silver
  • Pure Pt, Iridium, Palladium, Ruthenium, Ir/Pt, 950 Palladium, Pd/Pt, Ru/Pt, Co/Pt
  • Custom Alloys

Variety of Forms

Our experienced fabrication team has assisted a countless number of jewelry manufacturers with mill products designed specifically for their collections. You can rely on David H. Fell & Company to supply precious metal products that will support your newest and hottest jewelry designs as well as your customer’s long time favorites.

  • Sheet
  • Round Wire 
  • Flat Wire
  • Dome Wire
  • Bezel
  • Tubing
  • Discs

Quantity Discounts

With David H. Fell & Company, jewelry manufacturers double their purchasing benefits because they get quantity discounts for quality products. When you purchase sheet and wire in the same metal you can experience significant savings.

Superior Refining for a Variety of Materials

As both a refiner and a manufacturer, DHF is a full service precious metals company able to privide optimum efficiency for our clients while minimizing costs. DHF&Co. processes each lot quickly and accurately so you receive the greatest benefit (best possible return?) regardless of size or material type. And to accommodate your changing needs, we offer a diverse list of settlement options for you to choose from.

  • Low and High-grade Materials
  • Scrap 
  • Carpets and Other Floor Materials
  • Polishing Dust and Filters
  • Filings

Advanced Analysis

DHF Co. has an extremely advanced laboratory that is capable of assaying and analyzing the fine metal content of any precious metal bearing material to the parts per billion. With these capabilities, you can feel confident any amount of gold, silver, or platinum is being analyzed to return the most payable metal. For more information about our Analysis Methods click here.

  • Fire Assay
  • XRF 
  • ICP

Settlement Options

When you trust DHF to refine your metal, our Express service means your settlement funds can be made available in as little as two days from the time we receive your lot. In addition to receiving honest and efficient refining services from DHF, you can choose from a substantial list of settlement options to match your needs. Read more about our settlement options here

  • Check
  • Wire Transfer 
  • Credit Account
  • DHF Product Exchange
  • DHF Vault Account