Refined Connectivity

Once electronics manufacturers have completed their products the surplus gold, silver, or platinum plated components can easily be sent to David H. Fell & Company for refining. By successfully processing a variety of electronic related materials we have continually earned the confidence of our clients. Here are some examples of materials which DHF can process:

  • Integrated Circuits
  • Bevel Dust
  • Cathodes
  • Copper Filters
  • Plated contacts
  • Flake
  • Resins


The DHF refining team has processed millions of ounces and has a combined, 120 years of experience refining precious metals. Amazing, the average tenure for a DHF refining team member is 20 years.

Advanced Analysis

DHF Co. has an extremely advanced laboratory that is capable of assaying and analyzing the fine metal content of any precious metal bearing material to the parts per billion. With these capabilities, you can feel confident any amount of gold, silver, or platinum is being analyzed to return the most payable metal. For more information about our Analysis MethodsĀ click here.

  • Fire Assay
  • XRF 
  • ICP

Settlement Options

In addition to honest and efficient refining services, DHF Co., offers you a substantial list of settlement options to match your needs. When you trust DHF Co. to refine your material, your settlement funds can be made available in as little as two days from the time we receive your lot. Read more about our settlement optionsĀ here

  • Check
  • Wire Transfer 
  • Credit Account
  • DHF Product Exchange
  • DHF Vault Account