The DHF refining team, with a collective experience of 120 years in refining precious metals, has successfully processed millions of ounces. Amazingly, the average tenure for a member of the DHF refining team is an impressive and respectful 20 years.

Advanced Analysis

DHF Co. operates an exceptionally advanced laboratory that is capable of assaying and analyzing the fine metal content of any material containing precious metals down to the parts per billion. Some analysis methods employed by our state-of-the-art facility include Fire Assay, XRF, and ICP. With these cutting-edge capabilities, you can trust that the analysis of gold, silver, or platinum, regardless of quantity, will yield the most accurate and valuable results.

For more information about our Analysis Methods, click here.

Settlement Options

Besides providing honest and efficient refining services, DHF provides a comprehensive
range of settlement options tailored to meet your needs. When you choose DHF for refining your material, you can have access to your settlement funds in as little as two days from the moment we receive your lot.

Learn more about your settlement options (below) here

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  • Wire Transfer 
  • Credit Account
  • DHF Product Exchange
  • DHF Vault Account

We accept the following types of mined materials:

  • Placer (alluvial) gold with minimal to no black sand
  • Dore with minimal to no iron
  • Zinc precipitate

However, we do not accept the following types of mined material:

  • Ore concentrates
  • Black Sands
  • Slag
  • Gold Silicates
  • Rocks
  • Anything containing arsenic, selenium, cadmium, antimony, tellurium, mercury, or radioactive elements